TLC Policies

policesTLC offers door-to-door service, which consists of helping the passenger to/from the vehicle. Packages must be carried by the passenger. The driver is under no obligation to assist in the loading or unloading of packages. Only four packages will be allowed on any one trip.

Passengers that require special assistance with their personal items should provide an aide to assist them. Aides/Personal Care Attendants will not be charged a fare. Drivers are not permitted to enter a residence and/or facility or place of business.

Passengers using wheelchairs must have clear access to enter/exit premises utilizing a ramp (not steps) without necessitating the use of more than one driver. Passengers with portable oxygen are welcome. Oxygen tanks must be secured.

Passengers are expected to act in a courteous manner, and refrain from smoking, eating, drinking, and using profanity while using TLC.

Passengers are required to wear seat belts at all times, unless they can provide a letter from their physician stating that they are medically unable to do so.

Service animals are permitted to accompany individuals with disabilities in TLC vehicles and facilities. Passengers must maintain control of service animal at all times.

Should you become ill or injured while riding with us, or should the vehicle become involved in an accident, follow the instructions of the driver as they have been trained to handle these situations.

In the event of inclement weather that makes driving hazardous, TLC may choose to delay service or close operations. Please tune your radio to WPKO (98.3 FM) or WBLL (1390 AM) for any such announcements or you can call our office.